Industrial Track

The IEEE DSAA’2021 Industry track aims to highlight the challenges of putting together production-grade software solutions to different business verticals based on data science. Our goal is to promote the debate, the exchange of ideas and/or collaborations on how to add business value to society through data science.  

The focus of this track is to put forward business realizations through data science with proven real-world impact, data driven problem statements, possible business use cases based on data science and/or the implications of the data governance protocols followed (e.g.: to guarantee GDPR compliance, model maintainability, explainability and/or the fairness of their outputs) together with the used and/or proposed data sources, warehouses and/or data strategy roadmap (i.e. collection, storage, retrieval and monetization). To that end, we expect to bring together data science practitioners, industry stakeholders and academic experts at worldwide scale. Ultimately, we aim to enrich the views of our delegates on how they can further explore data science to add value to their products and/or organizations.

To that end, we solicit submissions of abstracts representing 1+ industrial stakeholder which would ideally describe one of the following scenarios:

  1. Full functioning systems for practical tasks in data science, data analytics and applied machine learning which demonstrate significant and verifiable business- or real-world impact;

  2. Solutions that either solve or simply advance the understanding of issues related to deploying data science technologies in the real world (e.g.: lessons learned on trying putting machine learning models in production);

  3. Early venture ideas of business propositions/machine learning fueled pipelines and data collection methods;

Submissions should be made via CMT .

The accepted presentations will be limited to a slot of 20 minutes in 1+ session(s) created specifically for this track. Submissions of abstracts must be done in IEEE conference format (up to 2 pages).

Important Dates

Abstract submission June 15, 2021 July 15, 2021 (extended)
First review notification July 30, 2021, August 7, 2021 August 10, 2021 (extended)
First review response from authors August 15, 2021 August 22, 2021 (extended)
Final review notification August 30, 2021 September 6, 2021 (extended)
Deadline for registration/fee payment September 15, 2021

Final program announcement

September 20, 2021

Note: If accepted, the participation of any organization in the industry track is subject to have one conference registration (per accepted slot in the industrial track) + an additional industrial track slot fee (250 euros). Reductions may be applied for conference sponsors, see here .

Industry Track Review Criteria

The review criteria of submitted contributions can be found here .

Enquiries should be submitted to the DSAA 2020 Industrial Track chairs at

Industry Track Program Committees

The list for the track committees can be find here  .

Program Chairs – Industrial Track

Ana Paula Appel

Ana Paula Appel

IBM Research, Brazil

Luis Moreira-Matias

Luis Moreira-Matias

Finiata GmbH


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